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p+sonal psile cover

€ 24.95 (incl vat)


Download the outline drawing of the psile cover and go create the design that matches your style.


your psile, your style....anything is possible

You are now in the dowload and upload area. On this page you will find the outline drawing templates in two file formats. Dowload the one that can be used by the application you would like to use to create your design.


When your design is finished you need to come back to this page to order your p+sonal psile cover and upload your design.





Important design file requirements

When your are ready with your design and you want to prepair it for uploading you need to save the file with the following requirements:

- remove all guides and outline layers (the outlines must not appear on JPG)

- the file must be saved in JPG format
- the file needs to be at least 200 dpi






Please select one of the file formats below and click the dowload button to retrieve the file...and come back to this page for uploading the design when it is ready.


Enjoy designing your p+sonal psile cover!

File name: psile_template.psd
File type: Adobe Photoshop
File size: 4.6mb

File name: psile_template.ai
File type: Adobe Illustrator
File size: 2.6mb